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MBT-40 Multi-body Transformer

MBT-40 Multi-body Transformer Trucks

With chassis prices and overhead running high, the need to reduce acquisition costs and sit time for low-use equipment is more important than ever. Western Star and Carco Industries developed the MBT-40 to answer these needs. The MBT-40 is the most versatile heavy-duty construction and mining support product available today, able to augment or replace multiple lower-utilization trucks. 

Built on a proven Western Star 6900 chassis, and utilizing the PALFINGER extreme duty G-68 hooklift, the MBT-40 is designed to load and efficiently operate many different body systems, including the ability to convert from a truck with a 40-ton payload to a tractor that can haul up to 150 tons. Exchanging body systems is a one-operator job, and is accomplished in minutes—not hours or days. Intelligent electric and hydraulic connections automatically configure themselves for optimal body operation and power requirements.

A rigid-framed vehicle with multiple bodies available–and even more coming in the future–the MBT-40 gives you incredible flexibility of changing bodies in a short time without the need to purchase an individual truck for each task. Body systems currently available include dump, water and fuel tank, side dump and lowboy trailer, flatdeck, knuckleboom crane, and more that are in development.

The MBT-40 system means you don’t have to pay for a water truck to sit idle. With a Klein K800, you can have 8,000 gallons loaded and fully cab-operative in as little as 45 minutes—allowing you to use the tank only when you need it and where you need it.

MBT-40 Multi-body Transformer TruckImproved safety:

  • Patented trapezoid tank design provides better visibility for greater driver and job site safety
  • PFC (precision flow control) baffling system allows maximum water output while maintaining complete live load movement control for safety
  • Flanged head and baffle tank construction is ten times stronger and more reliable than tanks constructed with non-flanged butt-weld systems

Precise application:

  • Six independently cab-operated and adjustable spray heads ensure wide and very precise road coverage and maximum water usage at all times and for all road layouts
  • SMARTSPRAY hydraulic control system allows operators to quickly water areas in one pass while obeying safety limits or slower travel speeds
  • Cab-operational remote spray nozzle system lets the operator wet down areas remotely for dust suppression and off-road water placement

For over 50 years, J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers has been building a wide range of standard and specialty truck bodies and trailers. Truck dealers and operators rely on J&J’s experience and commitment to quality to manufacture products that are designed to keep their truck bodies on the road—where they belong.

MBT-40 Multi-body Transformer TruckAdded versatility:

  • Load attachment points provide the ability to load and haul materials and equipment
  • Easy body attachment and load times as little as 45 minutes, you can have a 35-ton dump unit standing by

Increased productivity:

  • Flat-bottom box allows easy transport of heavy mine tires, cable rolls and other equipment using the MBT-40 hook lift

Your drivers work long hours in all types of weather conditions. You need to be sure their equipment can meet the demands. SmithCo DTM-70 56-yard offroad side dump trailers are built for extreme duty. You can be sure that SmithCo trailers pulled by Western Star XD40 Offroad tractors will be ready to work as hard as you do.

MBT-40 Multi-body Transformer TruckAdded versatility:

  • High-capacity, offroad construction means larger loads and reduced operating costs
  • Side dump operation offers improved tire life and fuel efficiency compared to conventional haul units, especially over longer distances and higher road speeds
  • Low initial purchase investment, larger haul capacity, and more flexibility than dedicated haul units mean increased profitability
  • Fully welded construction for long life

Increased productivity:

  • One-piece rounded-bottom tub offers successful load releases without typical flat-bottom or wedge-style buildup
  • Innovative design dumps cleanly and away from the trailer, allowing you to place material just where you need it

Our onsite engineering team ensures the design of your truck will meet application and safety requirements.