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About Carco Industries

We serve heavy equipment service sectors across North America.

We’re manufacturers of expertly-engineered, field-tested lube trucks and mechanic truck bodies.

Carco Industries manufactures top-quality Fuel and Lube Trucks, Mechanic’s Trucks, and more, across heavy equipment service sectors.

By concentrating on specialized industries, rather than trying to do it all, the quality of our trucks is unmatched. When we first opened shop in 1973, we knew plenty of other truck equipment companies existed; but we knew we had that extra something: a deep pride in what we produce and expertise to back it up. We only build equipment we’d use ourselves.

In-House Fabrication
While we often use quality off-the-shelf equipment, some situations call for custom components. Whenever a build-out requires this step, we really kick it up a notch. In turn, this means your vehicle functions like a dream, whether you’ve had it for a while, or just picked it up from the shop.
3D Design+Engineering
Our engineers create 3D digital models of your truck, prior to ordering a single part or lighting a torch. This allows you to eyeball your equipment from every angle, so you know exactly what’s coming your way when delivery takes place. Plus, it keeps us on the same page from the get-go, thus minimizing any potential design miscommunications or hiccups.
Dedication to Efficiency
Not only do we provide a better, more integrated design solution, we also have the ability to monitor every step of the way, and handle things in real-time. That means more accurate quotes, thoughtfully tailored truck parts and equipment, and a general level-of-happiness about the project.

Once the keys are in-hand, your truck lasts longer, which allows you to complete your jobs on time—without sweating the small stuff.

During our almost-50-years-of-business, we’ve dealt with challenges across many industries. So, while many past applications fell under the mining, agriculture, heavy machinery, and construction industries, our experts are ready to take on anything. Innovative design and dedication to quality have earned Carco Industries a reputation worldwide as a leader in this highly-specialized industry.

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Our onsite engineering team ensures the design of your truck will meet application and safety requirements.

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For 50 years we’ve designed and manufactured fuel and lube trucks, mechanics trucks, and more, for the construction, mining, and heavy equipment industries.