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Articulating Cranes


We build our articulated cranes with the absolute highest quality equipment and guarantee they meet all-industry-standards. Thanks to high-efficiency, and user-friendliness, you get the job done on time—and the right way.

Model Options

  • Custom Articulated Crane
  • Forward-Mount Articulated Crane
  • Rear-Mount Articulated Crane


Included Standard Equipment

  • Main-Boom
  • Inner-Boom
  • Outer-Boom
  • Manual Controls at Crane Base
  • Optional Radio Remote Controls
  • Optional Top Seat Controls
  • Optional Fly Jib
  • Optional Hydraulic Cable Winch

Interested in something custom?

Read about our our in-depth process from start to finish.

Benefits of Articulated Cranes

Articulated cranes—otherwise known as knuckle-boom cranes—are an extremely effective way to increase profitability, and drive down costs.

Collective Savings

  • Multiple uses for the same vehicle
  • Condensed Return-on-Investment (ROI)
  • Increased lifespan of the equipment

Increased Flexibility & Versatility

  • Complete jobs more efficiently
  • Haul cargo without crane interfering with the load bed
  • Have an additional power unit, for other functions

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