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Preventative Maintenance Trucks


At Carco, we customize our Preventative Maintenance (PM) trucks to service your specific heavy machinery needs. Our PM trucks can be customized with the below specifications.

Customization Options

  • 5-7 Oil Products
  • Antifreeze / Coolant
  • Grease Drum
  • A Waste Oil Evacuation System
  • Hydraulic Drive Air Compressor
  • Used Filter Bin
  • Filter Storage Compartments
  • LED Work Lights


Commonly Requested Upgrades

  • Aluminum Flip-Up Rear Awning
  • Metering Control Valves
  • Pressure Wash System
  • Remote Fill or Bottom Load
  • Product Filtration
  • Tool Drawers
  • Bolt Bins
  • AC Power Inverter
  • Workbench
  • Hazard Lighting

Interested in something custom?

Read about our our in-depth process from start to finish.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Trucks

Preventative Maintenance trucks are the key to reducing costly downtime. At Carco, we customize our PM trucks to service your specific heavy machinery needs.

high-quality & custom solutions

  • Trucks built to service your specific fleet needs
  • Routine and timely maintenance
  • Expected quality control with in-house service

Increased value & efficiency

  • Fewer machinery breakdowns equal increased project efficiency
  • Proven regular maintenance schedule increases resale value
  • Integrated hydraulic system with load sense to increase fuel savings

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